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Wulong Yangjiao: An Ancient Town Drawn Up by Boat Trackers

Yangjiao ancient town has a long history ,it was once glorious!

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 YangjiaoZi got it’s name in Qing dynasty (1785). In the fourth year of Guangxu(1908), Yaode township was set up here and it was changed it’s name to Yangjiao town in the 19th years of the Republic of China(1930). Yangjiao ancient town was one of the four famous ancient town in the thousand miles of Wujiang. It was once flourishing in the Ming and Qing dynasties and created a very brilliant ancient commercial civilization.
Due to the rapid flow of Wujiang river, the merchant ships have been unloaded and used to lightly load the upper and lower beaches. The merchants at Wuli Beach together and become a unique wharf culture.Up to now,the remains of ancient towns can still be seen everywhere. There are more than ten old trees with hundreds of years of age, dozens of well-preserved ancient houses in courtyard.Qingshi Street, Bridge, Ancient Commercial Road, Old Courtyard, Front Street Shopkeeper, everywhere witnessed the prosperity of the past.
 Yangjiao ancient town has a long history. In ancient times,cargo ships were unloaded here,so that there were lots of merchants and has a prosperity trade. There were also many famous specialty such as Yangjiao dried bean,Bottoms of mutton,Yangjiao vinegar and so on.Now,Yangjiao ancient town is located in Wujiang river. It near the mountains and rivers, the environment is beautiful.

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Human Workers Drag the Ships

Impression of Wulong shows the spirit of the boat tracker

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Rivers have run through the Bayu area since ancient times, so road transportation is rarely an option. Most people choose the water to get around. In some rushing and narrow waterways, boats needed someone to pull them in order for them to move. These rough conditions created a job as the boat tracker.
Impression of Wulong performs on the Fairy Mountain. As audiences are entering the theater, they pass through a tunnel that shows the history of boat trackers and views of Wulong. After the machine boats and ships took over around 1960s, boat trackers were gone forever. In these pictures, the men were nude. Jack pulled my sleeve and asked me, “Their penises are dangling! Why didn’t they wear anything?”
During the performance, an old boat tracker answered the question. He said, “First, you can’t use your full strength in the water if you wear clothes. Second, the river was rushing. If you wear anything, the clothes might twist with the rope and cause death. Third, the rocks were so sharp that these clothes would not last long. They don’t want to waste their money for this. Forth, boat trackers usually would not see anyone on their way. If they were going to pass by some towns, they only needed to yell that the boat tracker was coming. The girls knew they need to keep away.”
Although the emotions from audiences were phenomenal, the moment that touched my heart was from the stage. I could tell how hard their life was just from looking at their clothes, but they never yield to life. They yelled, they jumped, and they sang! I saw their determination and optimism. They didn’t blame life or others. They saved their energy to work, and they worked hard.
The performers were locals. They may not have been the most well-educated but when I heard them sing, I was shocked. I could feel the emotion in the songs, they were so touching. It was amazing to hear.
When the scene fell, the stage was dark but the sounds of the performers still echoed. The sound penetrated my ears and my heart, and it blended with the mountains. The occupation of being a boat tracker is no longer around, but the spirit of the workers lives on. A spirit that is tough and relentless!

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The Most Characteristic Lamb Dish in Wulong

Wulong has a lot of specialty snacks, but you must not miss the local mutton.

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In 2006, Yimou Zhang went to Wulong to film "Curse of the Golden Flower", after he tasted Wulong’s mutton,he said that "If you haven't eaten Wulong's mutton, you have never been to Wulong."

People have always believed that delicious mutton is in northern China, but this is not always the case. The forests and grasslands of Wulong Fairy Mountain Resort have raised high-quality black goats. Some people refer to the mutton here as “medicine meal”. It makes sense: the mountains are covered by “immortal water”. There are hundreds of kinds of natural Chinese herbal medicines. After enjoying the gift of nature, the goats not only magically fade the taste of the meat, but also become a valuable “medicine diet”.
With the mutton as the ingredients, the delicious food created by Wulong people is endless. Even in the hot summer, people still have mutton on the table: mutton soup pot, mutton hot pot, roasted whole lamb, bowl of mutton... lamb, It is the first choice for Wulong people to have food forever.
The mutton of Wulong is tender and delicious. After the taste, it is a cool one. It is a hot and spicy soup with a wonderful aroma. It is accompanied by green vegetables, yellow mushroom, white bright fans, appetizing parsley and shallots. A cup of Sanhekou wine, people are all eating satisfied.

In addition to the mutton soup pot, roast whole sheep is another kind of love of Wulong people to mutton, and the roasted whole sheep made by Dongting Villa is another food business card of Wulong. Dongting Villa is named after the huge cave behind the restaurant. The inside of the cave is cold and humid. The stone stalactite is ever-changing, but it is also the best food storage place. It is said that the vegetables will be put in the cave for a week and will not be broken. Eating roasted whole sheep in Dongting Mountain Villa is divided into three steps. First, eat kebabs, then eat whole sheep, and finally have a pot of delicious miso soup. The mutton skewers the best steak and leg of the black goat. The meat is rich in flesh and oil. It is most suitable for skewers. When the lamb is roasted and bubbling, it is the most delicious time!
Compared to other places, the roasted whole sheep of Dongting Mountain Villa tastes more tender. The secret of this is that the beer is added during the process of pickling the mutton, and the roast sheep technology and exclusive secret spices are inherited for 20 years. This is why roast whole sheep in Dongting villa is so delicious!

Whether it is a mutton soup pot or a roast whole lamb, it is the main dish of the grandeur, but for the Wulong people, the bowl of mutton is the happiest city life. The Bowls of Mutton is evolved from the mutton soup pot. The skinned lamb is cooked with the special soup and sautéed. When the traveller come to here, a Bowls of Mutton is the most authentic taste!
 In the numerous mutton restaurant in Wulong, the Bowls of Mutton in the Yancao village is the most famous. The Bowls of mutton, pickled pepper, goat liver and steamed mutton are always in short supply. According to the shopkeeper, there was once a guest who actually ate 8 Bowls of Mutton, which is amazing! The Bowls of Mutton in Wulong is already become a local representative cuisine.

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Enjoy the Impression of Wulong Performance

The best cultural performance of Wulong

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The theme of "Impression of Wulong" large-scale landscape performance is "disappearing." The program covers the history and culture of the Chongqing, and reflects and calls for the inheritance of traditional culture by showing the local customs of the Chongqing's culture, and the art forms, lifestyles, and modern civilizations and traditional cultures that are on the verge of disappearing.

The performance time is 8 o'clock every night. Visitors have to go through a long tunnel. There are 44 projectors on the upper side of the tunnel on the wall. The dynamic picture shows the landscape of Wulong's major scenic spots, showing colorful and beautiful. Fantasy scenery allows visitors to create an illusion of crossing the tunnel of time.

The whole live performance, with the intangible cultural heritage "Chuanjiang Haozi" as the main line, the opening of the "Chuanjiang Haozi". Through the interpretation of the soulful interpretation of the voice, the audience recalled the memories of the Chuanjiang culture and took everyone into the long history. Through the combination of 3D laser and more than 2,000 light and shadow, combined with the natural sound reverberation effect of the canyon, the audience has created a grand visual feast that is full of domineering.

The combination of the delicateness of women and the perfect combination of masculine and savvy has restored a grand historical and cultural spirit and life history drama of Chuanjiang. Crying marriage perfectly reflects the true story of the marriage scene in ancient time. It also fully reflects the hardships of raising children. The traditional virtues of the Chinese nation should be honored by parents, giving the audience a deep memory and enlightenment of the soul.

In the 70-minute performance, the audience can not only experience the spiritual mountains and waters of Wulong, but also enjoy the local customs!

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